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News Feed: 2014-2015 ICSA All-Academic Sailing Team

Two of CUST's very own have made the 2014-2015 ICSA All-Academic Sailing Team!  Congratulations to Anna Quincy, BC '15 and Paolo Bertolotti, SEAS '16.  According to ICSA, "the honorees must be a Junior or Senior, have at least a 3.3 cumulative GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale, and be a starter or key reserve in at least seven university sponsored regattas."  Columbia Sailing is proud!


The full list of sailors with this honor can be found at: 


News Feed: Spring 2015 Mainsheet

Another season has come and gone... but don't fret! Reminisce with the Spring 2015 Mainsheet! Find it here: http://www.columbiasailing.org/mainsheet

Regatta Reports: Greater New York Dinghy Regatta 2015

The Greater New York Dinghy Regatta, co-hosted by Fordham and CUST itself at Morris Yacht Club, wrapped up CUST’s spring season.  Skipper Adam DeVita, CC ’18 and crew Luke Pelessone, SEAS ’18 sailed in the A-fleet and skipper Loren Myers, GS ’16 and crew Louisa Maza, SEAS ’18 sailed in the B-fleet.  Both fleets sailed W4 and W3 courses in 420s throughout the weekend with outgoing tides.  Saturday, April 26th, began with a moderate North-Westerly wind of 8-12 knots which lessened as the day went on. The A-fleet was therefore able to complete 6 races and B-fleet was able to complete 4 races before the wind died completely in the afternoon. The starting line was extremely pin favored each race.  Columbia Sailing scored well by consistently placing mid-fleet.  Saturday’s sunny weather continued into Sunday, which had a 5-knot, South-Easterly wind.  The B-fleet started the day with races 5 and 6 but the wind was dying quickly as the A-fleet was sent out. The regatta was called off at 1pm due to the lack of wind and race 7A was dropped as B-fleet was unable to start a race 7.  Over the weekend, CUST demonstrated good upwind sailing in light wind in addition to good footing and powering up.  As for improvements, Adam has observed that “We need to improve on downwind boat handling in light wind. The better teams were able to separate from the fleet due to their good boat handling skills downwind. The key is to be more aggressive. Skippers need to move more in the boat and really focus on kinetics.”  When asked about other regatta highlights, Adam stated that he enjoyed the cheesecake. Additionally, “The National Anthem by Cantor Daniel Pincus was an obvious treat.”

Regatta Reports: MAISA Women's Championship 2015

CUSTW drove down to St. Mary’s College of Maryland on April 25th for the MAISA Women’s Championship.  Skipper Nicole Edwards, BC ’18 and crew Anna Quincy, BC ’15 sailed in the A-fleet with skipper Liz Siegal, CC ’16 and crew Anna Knight, CC ’16 in the B-fleet.  On Saturday, the A-fleet sailed in FJs with the B-fleet in 420s.  The wind was light, 3-7 knots, in the morning but grew to 8-11 knots as the day progressed.  Although the wind conditions bettered, the weather did not.  Almost the entirety of Sarutday was cold and rainy.  With a two-hour lunch break due to lack of wind, not much sailing took place.  Sunday was much warmer with as steadier yet lighter wind.  This resulted in a number of general recalls and abandoned races.  The fleets switched boats on Sunday and the W4 was used throughout the weekend.  The river on which the regatta took place also added slight current.  The team needs to work on starts.  Upwind sailing was done well. The regatta also had spectacular surprise just to celebrate senior Anna Quincy’s last regatta: https://instagram.com/p/2BhuMeHqk3/ Congrats Anna!

Regatta Reports: North Qualifier 2015

On Lake Cayuga, Cornell hosted this year’s America Trophy qualifier.  Preparing for heavy breezes, a triangle course was set up for Saturday, April 18th.  Sure enough, the wind kicked up to 15 knots.  Three A-fleet races sailed by skipper Paolo Bertolotti, SEAS ’16 and crew Anna Knight, CC ’16 were completed before the wind began gusting over 20 knots and prevented boats from going out.  Despite the puffy conditions, good tactical decisions were made.  During one of the races, Paolo and Anna sailed more towards the center of the course to catch puffs and gain speed instead of heading straight for the marks, a shorter but slower path.  Sunday’s wind started at 3 knots and built up to 6 knots, but was on and off all day, proving that light wind boat speed was something the team needed to work on.  The W4 course was set up and skipper Adam Devita, CC ’18 and crew Anna Quincy, BC ’15 started off the day with three B-fleet races.  Two more races were sailed by both the A-fleet and the B-fleet before the regatta was over.  Throughout the regatta, the team had consistent finishes every race.  The A-fleet successfully secured second place and CUST got 4th overall.  The top three teams qualified for the America Trophy, so a huge congratulations is in order for Paolo, Anna K., Adam, and Anna Q. for being so close to qualifying in addition to improving the team’s ranking.