Open to both casual sailors and competing athletes, we encourage our members to develop independence and self-confidence, improve communication, and foster teamwork and friendship while competing at the highest level of collegiate sailing.

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News Feed: Spring Newsletter

A short newsletter from the team is now up on http://columbiasailing.org/mainsheet. Go check it out today!

Regatta Reports: William and Mary Spring Open 2015

First-year skipper Adam DeVita with first-year crew Mike Fagundo and junior skipper Paolo Bertolotti with junior crew Loren Myers had outstanding showings in the A and B-fleets, respectively, in this year's William and Mary Spring Open. The event was sailed in FJs on the James River in Williamsburg, VA and used W4 courses on Saturday and W4 and W3 courses on Sunday. Although the first Saturday of spring welcomed everyone with its 50+ degree weather, it challenged the heavy pairings with puffy 0-4 knot wind and a strong upwind current that fell as the day went on. Sunday brought puffy 3-7 knot wind that created easily seen breeze lines on the water. The sailors used this to their advantage and made gains by moving from puff to puff. The current was weak in the beginning of the day but then built up to a strong cross current in the afternoon. The team agreed that starts needed improvement, but overall the sailors did a fantastic job. After establishing 3rd place on the first day, they moved up to 2nd, missing 1st by just one point. Paolo and Loren won the B-fleet! To celebrate, the CUSTM members bought some William and Mary Spring Open t-shirts which they sported proudly on Monday.

Regatta Reports: Navy Spring Women's Regatta 2015

CUSTW sent the skipper/crew combos of first-year Nicole Edwards/senior Anna Quincy and first-year Haley Collins/first-year Lily Taylor to sail in the A and B-fleets receptively at the Navy Spring Women’s Regatta held on March 14th and 15th.  Annapolis, MD experienced so little wind on Saturday that the first race did not start until 1pm when the wind picked up to about 4 knots. The A-fleet managed to float though 5 races while the B-fleet finished 4 races with a 5th abandoned due to lack of wind.  On Sunday, the wind tried to make up for its absence on Saturday...

No wind

Nicole and Lily waiting for the wind.

Regatta Reports: ODU Spring Open 2015

CUST began the Spring 2015 season with the Old Dominion University Spring Open held on March 7th and 8th.  In Norfolk, VA, the ODU Sailing Center is on a sheltered part of the Chesapeake Bay that has little current.  Sailing in the A-fleet was skipper Paolo Bertolotti, SEAS ’16, with crew Anna Knight, CC ’16.  Sailing in the B-fleet was skipper Mike Fagundo, CC ’18, with crew Shawn Patel, CC ’15.  Both fleets sailed in FJs and used the W4 course throughout the weekend.  Because  the team has been unable to put their boats back in the water due to the fact that the Long Island Sound has been frozen solid (Bonus picture! Click the "Read More" button!), the sailors spent the morning of Saturday getting their sea legs back.  With spotty wind that started at 5 knots and built up to 10, the team was able to sit in 12th place out of 18.  Sunday brought not only higher winds, 10-14 knots, but higher temperatures, 60s as opposed to the previous day’s 40s.  The team remained consistent throughout the day and secured 12th by the end of the regatta.  The team’s boat handling needs improvement, but their starts were decent.  Taking into account the team’s inability to practice, CUST did well for their first regatta of the season.


ODU Spring Open 2015

ODU Spring Open 2015

News Feed: Mainsheet Fall 2014

Check out the Fall 2014 edition of The Mainsheet here: http://www.columbiasailing.org/mainsheet


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