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News Feed: Fall 2015 Mainsheet

With the boats all tucked away for the winter and finals underway, we reflect on our fall season. Take a peek at the latest edition of the Mainsheet to read about what CUST was up to this season! Go to http://columbiasailing.org/mainsheet and click on the grey "download" button.

Regatta Reports: MAISA Club Championships 2015

MAISA Club Champs



Sailors: Paolo, Anna, Adam, Luke, Fernand

Location: Corinthian Yacht Club, Essington, PA.

Boat type: z420


Day 1

Wind: 4-5kts, built a bit but inconsistent throughout the day. Puffy.

Current: On and off, switched direction. Big factor when on, especially at the start.

Weather: Overcast

Course: W4, W5 (once)

Day Overview: Rough, inconsistent start to the day. More consistent, better, sailing as the day went on.


Day 2

Wind: 5-7kts, puffy. Died about mid-way through the day's second set.

Current: Strong, big factor.

Weather: Clear, 48 Fahrenheit.

Course: W4

Day Overview: Much better, more consistent, sailing. Unfortunately, the wind died, so A and B only got 1 full scored set each.



One thing to improve: Starts. Consistency. Dealing with strong current. Patience and committing to decisions.

One thing done well: Read puffs and shifts comparatively well. Despite a rough start, we were able to clear our heads and move on to have some good races as the regatta progressed.

Other trip highlights: Team road trips (...and team nap-time). Ice cream. Sailing z420s. Rolling up with matching water bottles.

Regatta Reports: MAISA Women's Fall Championships 2015

Representing CUSTW in A was skipper Nicole Edwards, BC'18 with crew Lily Taylor, BC'18. In B we had Liz Siegal, CC'16 and Haley Collins, BC'81 alternating as skipper with Louisa Maza, SEAS'18 as crew. As the wind was super light, finding speed off the start and not getting covered was huge. Coach made awesome cookies for the team after two long days on the water.

Saturday, October 24: Tricky racing in NE breeze becoming East and trying, but not succeeding to go Southeast. Nick Clemence '15 did a nice job keeping the racing on track. Ten races were completed using W-3's and 4's exclusively. Two protests were heard by coaches with one upheld and one disallowed. GW on their way to winning their first MAISA Championship. Three races left in each division for Sunday.

Sunday, October 25: Southerly filled in overnight and that made for easy regatta management to knock out the final 3 races in each division. 11a/b was a W-4 and the remaining were W-3's. One protest was filed on the water, but no paperwork submitted. All racing was concluded and teams on the road by 11:30. Georgetown made a nice run, but Congratulations to GW who won their 1st MAISA Championship.

Report from ICSA Real-Time Regatta Reports

Regatta Reports: King's Point Dinghy Open 2015

CUST was represented at King's Point Dinghy Open on 10/24-25 by skippers Loren Myers, GS'16 and Nicholas Houchois, SEAS'19 and crews El Pressman, CC'19 and Claire Johnston, BC'19. To the first-years, congrats on sailing your first regatta! To Loren, congrats on skippering your first regatta!

Saturday, October 24: Race 1 started promptly at 0945 in a NNE breeze ranging 4-11 knots. The wind clocked right all day and we were making course changes almost every race until it settled in from the SSE for race 4B. The wind was very shifty all day keeping the mark set crew busy. Courses were W-4's with an offset and gate. We finished the day with a solid 6 races in each division even with the longer single fleet rotations. Two protests were filed, one resulting in a DSQ, the other disallowed. Thank you to MAISA rep Charles Higgins for helping with the protests. The KP Midshipmen did a great job setting courses. Race 7A will start at 0945 tomorrow.

Sunday, October 25: Race 7A started at 0945 in 6-12 knots from the South. Just like the forecast suggested the wind clocked right all morning and eventually stayed WNW around 4-12. During 10B the light air was starting to make the racing marginal and we decided to call it for the day at 1345. No protests or breakdowns. Congrats to GTN on winning the KPDO with a 51pt. lead. Thanks to the KP Midshipmen for helping run the event.

Report from ICSA Real-Time Regatta Reports

Regatta Reports: Princeton Women's Regatta 2015

CUSTW at Princeton Women's 2015


The weekend of Sept 26-27 was an exciting one for CUST with two awesome finishes at Princeton Women’s and Cornell!  In the Princeton Women’s Regatta at Raritan Yacht Club, Columbia was represented by skipper Liz Siegel, ’16 and crew Kelsey Burns, ’16 in the A fleet and skipper Haley Collins, ’18 and Elizabeth Keeney, ‘19 in the B fleet.  Both days were moderately windy, Saturday was 17 knots and building and Sunday was15 knots.  CUSTW successfully kept all boats upright thought the weekend and navigated the tricky D2s and D1s that had a detrimental cross-current that pushed all boats to the right of the course.  Three sets were sailed over the course of the weekend and a lot of tema bonding took place between the 5 teams present.  With the puffy breeze and obscure course, there were many opportunities to gain on and pass boats.  Communication, especially when roll tacking, needed some improvement but will improve naturally as the boat pairs sail more with each other.  Haley and Elizabeth had 3 first place finishes and won their division!  Overall, Columbia tied for first.  Go CUSTW!